Love Your Hate

Before I start, these are purely all of my own thoughts. I know not everyone will think this way, and I completely respect that. All I ask, is you respect mine too 🙂


A simple quote, but with a powerful meaning.

It’s 2017, and the world is run by social media and smart devices. We are very much in a time where you can live a whole day and not have to communicate to anyone face to face now. I’m not saying that all of the technology is bad, I mean had it not been for advancements, you wouldn’t be reading this blog now. What I worry about, is that for a lot of people, it becomes the sole way of communication, often forgetting those that don’t use it on a regular basis, or those that don’t quite get the concept of using it. These tend to be the ones that need to talk the most at times. What often pops into my head when I pass a table full of people, head down on their phones, is the irony of being “social”, but being so anti social at the same time. It’s quite a sight to behold, when you walk down a street and nine out of ten people will be typing, reading, listening to their devices, without any idea of their surroundings or who they pass by. Sometimes it’s just a case of looking up and making eye contact with someone, to show that you are there.


What I have written there, is just one of a number of reasons I have chosen to start this new project. There are more issues involved than what I have expressed there, but what I want the words to represent is whatever you believe it be in yourself. Whether it be anxiety, depression, the fear of growing up and change, losing someone close to you, or even a relationship breakdown. It can all resonate with the meaning.

The end goal in all of this?

To talk more, to engage more, to love more. But face to face, as much as time can allow you to. I’ve always felt that issues can be helped and prevented, if you feel like someone is listening and speaking to you directly. I have experience in this, as I’m sure a lot of you do too. I want to help push the issue as much as people will allow me, and this is why I will be releasing my brand new clothing range next month, entitled LOVE YOUR HATE.

It will be a limited run initially, to see how people react to it. If the response is good, then I will press ahead with more additions to the range. The simplicity of the design is purposely made to show that all you need is a positive message. I have purposely placed the design onto the upper left chest area, located as close to your heart as a t-shirt design will allow! The garments are black and white, which I believe represents the feelings people can feel emotionally. The only colour I wanted to use, was in the word LOVE, which is a shade of pink, a colour a lot of people associate with the heart and love.

I will also be featuring a grey t-shirt option, with the print featuring on the whole chest area. This one is more to push the message in a bigger way, there is no way you’re missing it if you see someone wears it. There will also be pin badges added to the range too, so you can represent on a jacket, bag, hat or garment in an equally powerful way.


The clothing range will be on sale exclusively at The Cove from February, and will also be available at too. If you would be interested in finding out more about this exciting and potentially life changing brand, I look forward to hearing from you. My door is always open 🙂


Author: westxcove

I am a small business owner, running a retro and urban clothes store. I’m also a clothing line designer, events runner and fashion enthusiast.

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