My name is Chay West. I co-own a unique independent clothes shop in the South West of England, named The Cove. Specialising in retro and urban fashion, the shop opened in late 2014 and has built up a great relationship with the local community since, where it also plays host to a number of acoustic music events, workshops, and art projects. 

On top of that, I also run my own clothing line, named Love Your Hate, which has been in operation since early 2017. The slogan based brand focuses on positive vibes, and has seen a number of limited edition releases since its inception. 

I organise a local annual festival at the end of every year too, called Connect and Create. It is there that I create a platform to showcase all the local independent businesses, charities, artists, musicians and food stalls from the North Devon area and bring it altogether in a marketplace environment. Since It began in 2015, I have worked wth more than 300 different traders and entertainers, some of which have become mainstays at the festival. 


I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some fantastic businesses and organisations over the years, including the successful coffee franchise Boston Tea Party, the ever popular jewellery company Bloody Mary Metal and the biggest summer festival in North Devon, OceanFest.


My ongoing charity work and fund raising include Parkinson’s UK, CLIC Sargent, Children’s Hospice South West, Cancer Research UK and many more.